Peter Tribble


I am an experienced Systems Administrator and Engineer, with skills in the following areas:

  • Whole stack: understanding applications, networks, systems, storage, databases, security, performance, from end to end and top to bottom
  • Solaris and illumos distributions, on x86/x64 and SPARC
  • Java - maintainer of the illumos/Solaris OpenJDK port
  • Security - achieving ISO27001 at Haplo
  • Containerization - Solaris Zones and Docker
  • Open Source - software and community
  • Cloud - mostly AWS, some Azure
  • ZFS, the last word in filesystems
  • Web servers: nginx, haproxy, apache, tomcat, installation and configuration
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, some Oracle
  • Other OSes: Linux (I was an RHCE back in the days of RHEL 5), some of the BSD flavours, even Windows

I worked with Sun for many years on software and hardware beta programs, and was part of the OpenSolaris community where I served on the OpenSolaris Governing Board, before that got Oracled and replaced by illumos and OpenIndiana, following on I built my own distribution - Tribblix.

Brief History

After doing an undergraduate degree in Physics at St John's College, Oxford, I stayed on and did a Doctorate in Theoretical Astrophysics.

I then moved on to CITA - the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics in Toronto. And then back to England, to the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. Those interested can read some of my published papers.

Then a rather major change in direction - from Astronomy to Computing, managing the systems at the MRC RFCGR, located on the Hinxton Genome Campus a few miles south of Cambridge, providing access to databases and computing facilities for researchers in the UK Genome community.

After a brief stint at the University of Hertfordshire, I spent almost 9 years much closer to home at ProQuest, then 7 years at Haplo, now acquired by Cayuse, followed by a stint as Head of Information Security at Omnigen Biodata.

I'm now working on illumos and Tribblix, and hoping to spend more time on my activities and interests.