Some comments on document presentation

The preprint has a moderate mathematical content. It's very difficult to know how to present this. I've chosen to present most of the maths as inlined gif files - this is principally greek letters, and miscellaneous symbols.

For sub- and super-scripts I've kept the TeX convention that a^2 means a superscript 2 and a_2 means a subscript 2. HTML+ has <sup> and <sub> with corresponding </sup>, </sub>, but this doesn't yet work in HTML.

In various places there are still remnants of the original TeX that I couldn't quite work out what to do with. Apologies for this.

Just to explain, the document was converted from the original TeX manuscript by simply splitting it up into sections and adding formatting commands judiciously. I then made little gifs for commonly used symbols like the greek letters, and did a global search and replace. Most of the equations were then hacked at manually until they looked almost right, and then I gave up.


Peter Tribble,