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Enlightenment is an interesting half-way house between a basic X11 window manager and a full-blown desktop environment. It's also in active development, and is consequently undergoing significant changes.

Solaris 10 doesn't come with Enlightenment by default, so as a convenience I've made my build of e16 available as a Solaris package.

These packages include imlib2, e16, libast, Eterm, and the e16 themes and Eterm backgrounds. All in one package for simplicity. A couple of caveats apply: e16 is at 1.0.0, as I had problems both with building and running the current 1.0.6; and with Eterm, the File->New Eterm Window doesn't work properly.

Choose the right file from the following list:

To install,

pkgadd -d PCTe16.i386.pkg PCTe16

where you should replace "PCTe16.i386.pkg" with whichever file you downloaded.

(Using pkgadd should work on OpenSolaris distributions too. You can safely ignore any conflicts marked as "attribute change only". And binary compatibility should ensure that the software works correctly as well.)

There are also a large number of themes available for e16.

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