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Jangle: Java SNMP GUI

13 April 2014: version 0.13. Download | Jangle on GitHub

Jangle provides a simple graphical snmp browser.

It is based on (as in a simple cut-and-paste job) some code from JKstat and leverages Jonathan Sevy's Java SNMP Package for basic SNMP support and Mibble for MIB parsing, and JFreeChart for the graphical charts.

(Note: I'm using Mibble 2.3, which has the GPL Library Exception, to avoid licensing headaches.)

The idea was to produce graphical charts just like I can in JKstat. I had a look around for existing utilities to do this, but none seemed complete.

Hence what I've produced so far. It started out as a simple exploratory tool: what's possible in this space? It's evolved into something that can actually be useful.

Just a simple screenshot:

The About tab gives you details of the relevant MIB entry. Siblings are different instances of the same thing; cousins are different properties of the same instance.

Version History

Initial release.
Name changed to jangle; look in more places for MIB files; wrapper script is more sane.
Initialization and loading done in worker threads; initial tree view; error handling; user defined MIB location.
Code cleanups, imported jar updates.
snmpwalk subcommand, lots of functional and display cleanups; siblings and cousins.
Allows selections of port to use.
User friendly names in list and tree.
Cousins tab, and charts of siblings and cousins.
Minor bug fixes.
Updated jfreechart. Table of cousins and siblings now updates, and allows the user to select what is charted.
Bypass a rogue exception. Cousins table is sorted, and includes non-chartable entries.
Polish. Can supply arguments to snmpping and snmpwalk. Dates displayed as dates.
Polish and packaging. Update JFreeChart, so requires Java 6.

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