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Piclbrowser: Java GUI prtpicl

19 October 2009: version 0.3. Download

NOTE: this project is, at least in part, a failure. Expect crashes and core dumps. I wish I knew why it doesn't work.

Solaris has a Platform Information and Control Library that holds information about a system platform. This information is stored in a tree so I created a little java application that reads the data (using JNI) and displays it using a swing JTree.

The obligatory screenshot:

However, while that looks reasonable, I wrote most of this about 4 years ago, and it hasn't seen the light of day. There's a good reason for that: the code is, for reasons I have so far been unable to fathom, horrendously unreliable. It crashes in native code almost all the time. So you're free to play, but expect pain and suffering.

If (sorry, when) it does crash for you, try changing something. Anything seems to change the crashing behaviour. I normally change JBUFSIZE in the native source and rebuild, but even simple things like changing the order of fields or variable names in java have been know to make a working version crash.

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