For each model, I have made radio images at a wide range of frequencies around the break frequency nubar_T, only a few of which can be shown here. A lot of information can be extracted from such a series of images. I consider the general appearance of the images, the distribution of pixel intensities (the intensity histogram), and the intensity and polarization evolution. The aim here is not to analyze any particular image in detail, but rather to isolate the important characteristics of the problem and to compare the evolution of the images for the different models.

Images are shown at four frequencies nu/nubar_T = 0.03, 0.3, 3.0, and 30. The contour scheme used gives contour levels linearly spaced over the range of values in the image, with the central and higher contours shown solid and the lower contours shown dotted. The intensity histograms show the distribution of pixel intensities normalized to the mean pixel intensity of that image. The models are normalized to have the same unaged intensity and the same break frequency.

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Peter Tribble,