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These are some of the talks that I've presented.

Containers in production since 2004
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March 2018, at the Docker Cambridge Meetup.
Illumos at 6
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March 2017, at the Floss Spring 2017 Conference. A followup to, and draws heavily from, Dan McDonald's FOSDEM talk the year before.
640k should be enough for anybody
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November 2015, at the last ever Solaris SIG meeting. Talking around the experiments described in How low can Tribblix go? and Minimal Viable illumos
Building Tribblix
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March 2015. Another variant of Adventures with illumos, from the FLOSS UK DevOps Spring 2015 meeting in York.
Adventures with illumos - extended play
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January 2015. The extended version of Adventures with illumos, surveying the landscape of illumos distributions.
Adventures with illumos - lightning
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November 2014. A lightning talk at the conference.
Tribblix: Learning how Solaris works by building your own distribution
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April 2014. Covering the ins and outs of how the ISO images for Tribblix and most of the OpenSolaris distributions work and how they're put together.
How Zones Served Queen Victoria
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December 2012. A worked example of how we used zones to deploy a very public site.
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November 2010. About monitoring, and how to do better than SAR.
Inside the OGB
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October 2009. A brief show and tell about the work of the OGB, with Simon Phipps in attendance.
JKstat - kstats and Java
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July 2007. A brief introduction to kstats and the JKstat Java interface I wrote to access them. Minimalist, as almost all of the talk was demos.
Solaris 10, Platinum Beta, and the road to OpenSolaris
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June 2005. Part of the OpenSolaris launch, describing what we did for Solaris 10 beta and how that participation morphed into my association with the OpenSolaris project.

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